Lil Tay

Lil Taylor Cosgrove Biography

Full Name Lil Tay
Age 14 Years old.
Birth Name Lil Taylor Cosgrove
Birth Date 2009-07-29
Gender Female

Lil Tay was an American rapper, singer, and social media personality. She rose to fame when she was 9 years old through her collaborations with renowned artists for YouTube videos. Known for her disruptive use of explicit language and the N-word at a young age, she made a splash in March 2018 with her debut single "Money Way," released in partnership with Pay The Price Records. Her initial video, "LIL TAY RESPONDS TO RICEGUM," set the stage for her online presence, which extended to her self-titled YouTube channel amassing over 200k subscribers. Often filmed in opulent but vacant homes, her music videos and songs were distinctive, earning her various nicknames including Lil Tay Jetski, Lil Tay Cosgrove, and Lil Tay Tervali. Notably, she was recognized for her close connection with fellow Atlanta social media sensation Woah Vicky and her involvement in a Coachella clash with Bhad Bhabie, a dispute marked by insults and a backstage altercation. Lil Tay's influence also extended to collaborations with notable social media figures like Jake Paul, solidifying her substantial presence on platforms like Instagram, where she boasted over 3 million followers. 

Nationality American-Canadian
Horoscope Leo
Religion Christian

A Look into Bobby Brazier's Family and Early Years

Born on July 29, 2009, in Atlanta, USA, Lil Tay, originally named Claire Eileen Qi Hope, emerged into a Christian family of Canadian-American nationality. Celebrating her final 14th birthday, she bore the zodiac sign of Leo and possessed a diverse ethnic background, being of mixed American and Asian descent – her father hailing from Canada and her mother from China. Amid her parents' separation shortly after her birth, her father, Christopher John Hope, later wed Richanee Alcover, also known as Hanee Hope, with whom he welcomed a son named Brox Hope, adding to Lil Tay's familial landscape alongside her brother, Jason Tian, from her mother Angela Tian. As her parents parted ways, Lil Tay's custody became a subject of legal proceedings, with her claiming she endured physical and mental abuse from her father. 

Birth Nation USA
Place Of Birth Atlanta
Ethnicity Mixed
Mother Angela Tian
Father Christopher John Hope

Exhibiting musical inclination from an early age, she began crafting her own rap lyrics during her school years, ultimately opting to leave formal education to pursue her burgeoning career in music. Despite her youth, Lil Tay swiftly garnered an extensive fanbase within the music industry.

Lil Tay Music Career

  • Lil Tay, a notable singer, and rapper, embarked on her rap journey at the tender age of 7, initially gaining attention through audacious language and provocative content on her Instagram account. 
  • Her viral ascent began with videos that featured her unfiltered expressions, prominently in her first video titled "LIL TAY RESPONDS TO RICEGUM," where she brazenly utilized explicit language. 
  • Transitioning into an official singing career by April 2018, her debut single "Money Way" marked the beginning of her musical exploration. 
  • Her exceptional prowess garnered a substantial online fanbase, further magnified by her releases of various hit singles and albums, often in collaboration with renowned artists. 
  • Among her notable tracks are "Never Fold," "These Niggas," "Beautiful Girls," "Bullshit," "Soldier," and "Classic Tay," among others. 
  • Impressively, Lil Tay secured contracts with esteemed record labels including Classic Tay, UPTOWN STUDIOS, Lambo, The Lambo, CCF, 2 Real, Rapper Tay, Uptown Studios LLC, Lil Tay, 2, and Real Ent.
  • Lil Tay's discography spans across various albums and songs, showcasing her multifaceted musical talent. Her album "Classic Tay" features tracks like "Gang," "Brain," "Bird," "Grown Up," "Side," and "All My Trust," which collectively highlight her early artistry. 
  • In the album "Free Paper," Lil Tay delivers hits such as "Raxks," "Stepper," "Credit," "Basc," and "LMK," showcasing her evolving style and lyrical prowess. 
  • "Take Risk and Prosper 2" further solidifies her impact with an array of tracks including "Dior," "Handout," "Detroit Flow," "Drop Top," "Dey Not Doing," "Jumping," "Keep Going," "Iterlude," "Fuck It Up," "Wealth," "Run It Up," "Took Ah Risk," "On da Bricks," "Soldier," and "I Told Em," revealing her versatility in crafting memorable songs. 
  • Additionally, her album "Ghetto Poetry" resonates with tracks like "Somebody Loves You," "Help," "Tay 2016 Bounce," "Never Fold," "Man Above," "Do is Wrong," "Nowadays," and "Who Said," delving into themes that underscore her artistry. 
  • Finally, her album "Road Runner" offers an array of captivating tracks including "Intro," "Eat," "Neat Freestyle," "Look at Me," "Beautiful Girls," "Bullshit," "Derek Fisher Freestyle," "Lit," and "These Niggas," cementing her place as a prolific and influential musical artist across various genres and styles.

American Rapper, Lil Tay dies at 14

Lil Tay, a young and unmarried individual, maintained a single relationship status throughout her life. There is limited available information regarding her love life, and media sources suggest that she remained focused on her burgeoning career rather than pursuing romantic involvements. Throughout her career, she engaged in collaborations with renowned rappers and singers, showcasing her dedication to her musical pursuits. Notably, Lil Tay shared a close bond with Woah Vicky and cherished spending time with her friends. Her untimely passing found her still single, and her sexual orientation was identified as straight.

Lil Tay Is Alive

Amidst a whirlwind of confusion and distress, social media sensation Lil Tay has courageously emerged from the shadows, dispelling unsettling rumors about her and her brother's alleged demise. In a heartfelt statement shared with TMZ, Lil Tay's voice resonates with a mix of relief and vulnerability as she clarifies the distressing situation. "My brother and I are safe and alive," she states with a heavy heart, struggling to convey the emotional toll of the past 24 hours. Tearful calls from concerned loved ones accompanied her attempt to navigate the chaos that ensued after her Instagram account fell victim to a malicious third-party takeover, weaving a web of disconcerting falsehoods. Gratitude is expressed towards Meta for aiding in the restoration of her Instagram and the subsequent removal of the fabricated death announcement. The perplexity of the delayed clarification is addressed, juxtaposed with the awareness of her account's compromise and the perplexing phone calls regarding her fabricated "death." The disconcerting incident shines light on the interplay between the virtual and the real, revealing that even those closest to her were plunged into ignorance by this disheartening charade. Lil Tay's journey, marked by her rise as the "World's Youngest Flexer," is intertwined with a turbulent custody battle, a poignant subplot of her narrative that unfolds alongside her social media exploits. Despite the tumultuous turns, Lil Tay's spirit remains resilient, reminding us of the human struggle behind the digital facade.

Lil Tay Death Cause Rumored

Death Date 9th August 2023
Cause Of Death Not Disclosed Yet

Rapper and influencer Lil Tay's reported passing at the age of 14 sent shockwaves as a statement was shared on her Instagram account on August 9, 2023. The announcement, addressed to her 3.3 million followers and signed with her birth name, Claire Hope, conveyed the devastating news of her sudden and tragic demise, leaving her fans and the online community in profound grief. While the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner have no official records of her alleged death, the family statement also revealed the unexpected loss of her brother, Jason Tian. The cause of their passing remains under investigation, casting a shadow over the circumstances. Amidst the sorrow, the Instagram post requested privacy for the grieving family and paid tribute to Claire, who will forever be remembered, her absence creating an irreplaceable void in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.

Lil Tay Net Worth: A Closer Look

Net Worth $2 Million
Source of Wealth Rapping Career
Salary Around $500K

Lil Tay, a rapper and social media sensation, amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million before her passing, with an annual income surpassing $500K. She catapulted to fame by sharing flexing videos on Instagram, leveraging her rapping talents as a significant source of earnings. Alongside her social media success, Lil Tay maintained a vibrant presence on YouTube, where she showcased her latest songs. Notably, her music videos often featured opulent settings in vacant luxury homes. Throughout her dynamic journey, Lil Tay embraced life to its fullest extent.

Lil Tay Hair Color, Height & Weight

Height 1.44 m or 4 ft 9 in
Weight 40 Kg
Body Measurement 27-24-22 in.
Shoe Size 4
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Golden
Body Type Slim

Lil Tay, a beautiful singer, graced a height of 144 cm (1.44 m or 4 ft 9 in) and a weight of 40 kg (88 pounds), complementing her slim body build. Her alluring features included body measurements of 27-24-22 inches, highlighting her graceful proportions. With an eye-catching presence, she adorned herself with a shoe size of 4. Radiating a radiant charm, Lil Tay's striking black eyes and golden hair color beautifully harmonized with her glowing face.