Rylo Rodriguez

Ryan Adams Biography

Full Name Rylo Rodriguez
Age 30 Years old.
Birth Name Ryan Adams
Birth Date 1993-09-30
Gender Male

Rylo Rodriguez is an American rapper. Rylo is famous for his album releases, including "G.I.H.F." launched on November 27, 2020, under the 4PF label, available in LP, digital download, and streaming formats. His latest offering, "Been One," emerged on June 30, 2023, continuing his partnership with 4PF and available for digital download and streaming.  He is best known for his frequent collaborations with rapper, Lil Baby. Aligned with Lil Baby's record label Glass Window Entertainment and Motown Records, his musical journey gained traction with impactful features on Lil Baby's hit tracks like "Eat Or Starve" and "Stick On Me," marking his introduction to the industry. He is best recognized for his hit singles "Rogervile", "Mufasa", and "100 Years". He was the subject of a documentary film entitled The Golden Child where he returned to his hometown in Alabama to record his debut full-length album. 

Nationality American
Religion Christian
Horoscope Libra

Rylo Rodriguez Race - Where is Rylo Rodriguez from?

Rylo Rodriguez was born on 30th September 1993. He hails from Mobile, Alabama, USA. He is American when it comes to his nationality and his ethnicity is African-American. His race is Black. His real name is Ryan Preston Adams. He was raised in the Roger Williams Housing Projects, with his grandfather, who took care of him along with his mother, sister, and two brothers. His grandfather played a significant role in his childhood. Though his mother and grandfather raised him, his father’s not been mentioned. Publically, Rylo stated that his life was more challenging after his grandfather’s passing. The environment in which he grew up was rough, forcing him to commit crimes. Rodriguez admitted that growing up, he had been involved in at least 30 shootouts. Most of his childhood friends have been in jail or murdered. He has known he wanted to be a rapper since a very young age. 

Place Of Birth Mobile, Alabama, United States
Birth Nation United States
Ethnicity African-American
Race Black
Brothers 2
Sisters 1

Rylo Rodriguez Music Career

  • Kicking off his musical journey, Rylo Rodriguez made an impactful entrance by collaborating with Lil Baby on hit tracks like "Eat Or Starve" and "Stick On Me," setting the tone for his career. 
  • Early in his artistry, he skillfully transformed classic pop and R&B melodies into poignant narratives from his own life, reimagining Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" as "Project Baby" and sampling Tamia's "Can't Get Enough" for "Valentines." 
  • Notably in 2018, he jointly released the mixtape "Rogerville" with fellow Mobile rapper NoCap, showcasing their dynamic synergy.
  • In a pivotal turn of events, 2020 marked Rylo Rodriguez's signing to Lil Baby's record label 4 Pockets Full (4PF) and Virgin Music, with a standout feature on "Forget That" from Lil Baby's album "My Turn." 
  • The culmination of his efforts arrived with his debut album "G.I.H.F. (Goat In Human Form)" on November 27, 2020, impressively soaring to number 2 on the Rolling Stone Breakthrough 25 and securing the 48th spot on the Rolling Stone Artists 500 chart. 
  • As the momentum continued, 2021 saw Rylo Rodriguez's inclusion on American rapper EST Gee's track "5500 Degrees," featuring Lil Baby and 42 Dugg, which made a notable entry at number 92 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Rodriguez's inaugural charting song.
  • His singles include the collaborative track "Cost to Be Alive" with Lil Baby in 2022, and his solo releases "Equal Dirt" in 2023, featured on his album "Been One," and "Taylor Port Junkie" with Lil Yachty, showcasing his versatile musical range.
  • Rylo Rodriguez's latest release album, "Been One," emerged on June 30, 2023, under the banner of the 4PF label, available for digital download and streaming.
  • Likewise, his mixtape "Sorry Four the Delay" dropped on March 23, 2023, through the 4PF label, accessible via digital download and streaming platforms.

Rylo Rodriguez is an American rapper

Rylo Rodriguez's Relationship: Girlfriend and Dating

Girlfriend Shakayla (separated)
Marital Status Unmarried
Sexual Orientation Straight

Rylo Rodriguez remains unmarried and enjoys a loving relationship with his new girlfriend, although her identity remains private. Content with his present life, he is straight when it comes to his sexual orientation. In the past, he dated his beautiful girlfriend whose name goes by Shakayla. But their relationship faced challenges, leading to their separation around 2020 due to his infidelity. Demonstrating his remorse, he expressed his feelings through the heartfelt track "Letter to Shakayla," where he professed his unwavering love, acknowledging his mistakes and expressing his desire to turn back time.

Rylo Rodriguez Net Worth 2023

Net Worth $1 million USD
Salary Thousand of dollar
Source of Wealth Music career

Rylo Rodriguez, a talented rapper, has been making significant strides within the music landscape. As of 2023, his estimated net worth stands at around $1 million, predominantly amassed through his flourishing music career, with approximately half of this wealth accumulated since the success of his debut commercially acclaimed project in 2020. His music resonates widely, racking up millions of streams on platforms like Spotify. Overcoming a challenging upbringing, Rylo has produced chart-topping hits, with his star continuing to ascend. He earns a considerable annual salary from his music, embracing a stylish and vibrant lifestyle.

Rylo Rodriguez Tattoos & Teeth

Height 1.71 m
Weight 58 Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Body Type Athletic

Rylo Rodriguez, the striking rapper, possesses a captivating presence with a height of 1.71 m and a lean weight of 58 Kg. Deep brown eyes and sleek black hair accentuate his handsome features. Sporting an athletic physique, he diligently upholds his health through regular exercise, reflecting his commitment to a robust lifestyle. Notably, his body serves as a canvas for artistry, adorned with an array of intricate tattoos that further contribute to his distinctive persona. Rylo boasts a striking touch with his 16 Karat permanent gold teeth. Overall, he has got a healthy body with an attractive personality.