Larry Axman Roach

Larry Roach Biography

Full Name Larry Axman Roach
Age 40 Years old.
Birth Name Larry Roach
Birth Date 1983-09-12
Gender Male

Larry Axman Roach is an American street car racer. He is one of the racers from outside of Oklahoma to join "Street Outlaws" this season which specifically focuses on Oklahoma City (which has been dubbed as having "America's fastest street cars"). This show is based on the world of street racing which follows street racers from around the USA and also tracks down racers from other cities.

After his keen interest in racing, he learned to fabricate cars and built his own 1972 Nova. Native of Altavista, Virginia, he is currently engaged in filming Street Outlaws. As per his official website, '', he will continue filming for the next two months. "Street Outlaws" airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.  

Where is Axman from Street Outlaws?

The exact date of birth of Larry Axman Roach is not disclosed on the internet sites yet. But some sources claim that he might have been somewhere in the 1980s. He originally hails from Altavista, Virginia, the USA. Larry Roach is the name registered by his parents at the time of his birth. As a native of Virginia, he is recognized as a US citizen. He is synonymous with the Christian religion. 

Axman comes from American-White ethnic background middle-class family. His father and uncles worked in the logging business. When he was 10, he became fond of racing and he used to watch his cousins race. He then considers becoming a racer one day. At 15 years old, he began working in his cousin's car garage. 

Who is Axman Roach's wife?

Larry Axman Roach has been married to his beautiful wife Sarah Mattox Roach. By profession, Larry's wife, Sarah Mattox Roach is a certified Crossfit trainer. She is also engaged in a family business and restaurant named "Two Sisters Taproom & Deli". Before getting married the couple became engaged on 1st January 2016 and tie their knot in July 2016. 

As of now, the duo has become parents of their three children (two sons and a daughter) namely Nitro, Cam, and Nova. Nitro is their eldest son whose present age is 11 and their second-born kid, Cam's present age is 7, and their last-born daughter, Nova is 2 as of now. They also co-parent a son named Ryder who came from a previous relationship. But whose previous relationship remains a mystery. 

How tall is Larry Axman Roach?

Larry Axman Roach is approximately 5 ft 10 inches tall and his body weight is around 85 Kg. He has a huge muscular build body. He is a good-looking man in his 40s. Larry has a well-maintained athletic body physique with a stubble bearded style and dark brown hair. Likewise, he has a pair of black-colored eyes. 

What does Larry "Axman" Roach do for a living?

  • Having a deep interest in racing, Larry initially spent his early years building and working on an ever-increasing number of cars during his early teenage.  
  • Later, Larry met Brent Austin, a fellow Virginian, and owner of the much-feared Megalodon car who helped him in making a strong engines car for him. 
  • At the age of just 19, he marked his first victory in the early 2000s. 
  • His impressive performances on 275's continued at Keith Berry's inaugural Woodstock, in April of 2017 at South Carolina’s Darlington Dragway, where he chased Ziff across the 4.00-second barrier to become the second person in the threes on 275 drag radials. 
  • The first season of "Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings" headed to GALOT Motorsports Park in Benson, North Carolina, and Larry knew that his car would fit big tires. He lost to Larry Larson in the race-your-way-in competition. 
  • As of now, he competes against the US top street racers on "Street Outlaws: Fastest In America", which is currently airing Mondays at 8 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

Larry "Axman" Roach's Net Worth

As of June 2022, the net worth of Larry Axman Roach is estimated to be US $500K-$1 Million. He has managed to earn such a fortune through his racing career. Currently, as a cast member of the reality TV show "Street Outlaws", he is paid around $20,000 to $30,000 per episode. With the earnings, Larry is living a decent lifestyle with his wife and three kids.