Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax Biography

Full Name Ruby Wax
Age 71 Years old.
Birth Name Ruby Wachs
Birth Date 1953-04-19
Gender Female

Ruby Wax is an American-British figure known for her roles as an actress, comedian, writer, television personality, and advocate for mental health. With a strong foundation in classical acting, she spent five years with the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company and co-starred in the ITV sitcom Girls on Top (1985–1986). She rose to fame through her comedic interview style, embracing the bold American persona on shows like The Full Wax (1991–1994), Ruby Wax Meets... (1994–1998), Ruby (1997–2000), and The Ruby Wax Show (2002). Notably, she also contributed as a script editor for the BBC's beloved sitcom Absolutely Fabulous (1992–2012) and made appearances in select episodes. Holding dual American and British citizenship, Wax has called the United Kingdom home since the 1970s. In 2013, she achieved a master's degree in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy from Kellogg College, Oxford. Recognized for her dedication to mental health advocacy, she was honored as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2015 Special Honours. Her impactful memoirs, including How Do You Want Me? (2002) and Sane New World (2013), both achieved top spots on the Sunday Times bestseller list.

Nationality American-British
Horoscope Aries
Religion Judaism

Exploring Ruby Wax's Early Life and Family Background

Ruby Wax was born on April 19, 1953, in Evanston, Illinois, USA. Ruby Wachs is her birth name. Holding both American and British nationalities, she belongs to an American-White ethnic background. Raised in a Jewish household in Illinois, she is the daughter of Edward Wachs, a prosperous sausage manufacturer, and Berthe Wachs, a qualified accountant. At the age of 70 in 2023, Wax's roots trace back to Austrian Jews who fled their homeland in 1938 due to the looming Nazi threat. Upon settling in Chicago, her family altered the spelling of their surname from Wachs to Wax. In a poignant revelation during a 2017 episode of the BBC's Who Do You Think You Are?, Wax unveiled that her great-grandmother and great-aunt had been confined to mental asylums in Brno and Vienna, deemed incurably "agitated." With Aries as her zodiac sign and Judaism as her chosen faith, Wax's life journey is a tapestry woven with unique origins and experiences.

Birth Nation USA
Place Of Birth Evanston, Illinois
Ethnicity American-White
Race White
Father Edward Wachs
Mother Berthe Wachs

Ruby Wax pursued her education with diverse paths, initially majoring in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley; however, she departed after a year without obtaining her degree. Venturing to the UK, she continued her academic journey at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow. In a remarkable turn, Wax completed her studies at Kellogg College, Oxford in September 2013, earning a master's degree in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. Prior to this, she had achieved a postgraduate certificate in psychotherapy and counseling from Regent's College in London.

Education University of California, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Kellogg College, Regent's College

American-British actress, comedian, writer, television personality, and advocate for mental health, Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax Career

  • Ruby Wax's career journey led her to the UK, where she pursued studies at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow. 
  • She embarked on her acting path at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, collaborating with Alan Rickman and establishing a fruitful partnership in writing and directing.
  • Joining the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1978, she showcased her acting prowess alongside renowned figures like Juliet Stevenson and Michael Hordern, taking on roles in productions such as Measure for Measure and Love's Labours Lost. 
  • Wax's association with Ian Charleson flourished during her RSC tenure, leading her to contribute to a tribute book for him. Notably, she made a cameo appearance in the acclaimed film Chariots of Fire and took part in projects like The Professionals, Shock Treatment, and Omen III: The Final Conflict. 
  • Ruby Wax's multifaceted career journey includes her standout role as the outspoken American actress Shelley DuPont in the British sitcom Girls on Top in 1985. 
  • Building on her comedic prowess, she hosted her own chat show, Don't Miss Wax, on Channel 4 in 1987, while also embarking on a role as a radio presenter for the Superstation. 
  • Notably, she showcased her versatility by portraying television host Blaize Falconberger in the Red Dwarf episode "Timeslides" in 1989. Wax's collaboration with the BBC commenced in 1991 with The Full Wax (1991–94), followed by compelling interviews on Ruby Wax Meets Madonna and Ruby Wax Meets... (1996–98), featuring figures like Imelda Marcos and O. J. Simpson. 
  • Her involvement in Absolutely Fabulous as script editor was complemented by guest appearances. 
  • She helmed the BBC's The Waiting Game (2001–2002) and continued her insightful interviews until 2003. 
  • Even further, Wax's vibrant presence extended to unexpected avenues, as seen in her appearance as a cleaner in McFly's Comic Relief music video "All About You" in 2005.
  • Ruby Wax's diverse career path includes hosting Commercial Breakdown in 2002, accompanied by the publication of her memoir "How Do You Want Me?" topping The Sunday Times best-seller list. Her participation in Comic Relief's Fame Academy led to a runner-up finish in 2003.
  • In 2004, her portrayal of the Pope in the controversial cartoon series Popetown drew attention. 
  • Legal conflicts emerged in 2004 with Irish broadcaster Patricia Danaher, and Ruby Wax's false claims resulted in an out-of-court settlement. 
  • Involvement in charitable causes and entertainment continued, with a role in the film "Tara Road," participation in Ant & Dec's Gameshow Marathon, Sport Relief's Only Fools on Horses, and Cirque de Celebrité. 
  • She engaged in Comic Relief events, including The Apprentice and Masterchef.
  • Becoming Chancellor of the University of Southampton in 2019, Wax extended her influence by teaching business communication for esteemed clients and attaining mindfulness-based cognitive therapy qualifications. 
  • Publishing mindfulness books, including "A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled" and "And Now for the Good News...," she ventured into innovative ways to enhance lives post-COVID-19. 
  • As a lecturer at Bangor University, she received an honorary degree in 2022.
  • Ruby Wax has courageously shared her personal battles with bipolar disorder and depression, channeling her experiences into meaningful contributions. 
  • Her dedication to mental health advocacy led to an online series for the BBC and collaborations with mental health charities.
  • Her 2010 stand-up show "Losing It" intimately explored her mental health journey, including her time in a psychiatric clinic, and spurred the creation of a mental health website (now part of SANE mental health charity) in 2011. 
  • Wax's impact extended through bestselling books like "Sane New World" (2013), followed by "A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled" (2016), and "How to Be Human: The Manual" (2018), co-authored with a neuroscientist and a monk. 
  • In recognition of her influence, she became a Visiting Professor in Mental Health Nursing at the University of Surrey and was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for her services to mental health. 
  • Continuing her commitment, Wax's latest release "I’m Not As Well As I Thought I Was" (2023) delves into her recent life, chronicling further psychiatric treatment and her ongoing battle against depression.

Ruby Wax Impressive Net Worth

Net Worth $4 Million
Source of Wealth Entertainment Industry

Ruby Wax is a multifaceted talent, excelling as an accomplished actress, comedian, writer, mental health advocate, and lecturer. With a net worth estimated at $4 million in 2023, her prosperity primarily stems from her contributions to the entertainment industry. Her career earnings yield an annual salary in the thousands of dollars, affording her a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. Content and fulfilled with her earnings, Wax continues to thrive in her diverse and successful endeavors.

The Family of Ruby Wax: Husband and Children

Marital Status Married
Husband Ed Bye
Spouse Andrew Porter (Ex-Husband), Trevor Walton (Ex-Husband)
Sexual Orientation Straight

Ruby Wax's marital journey has been marked by three unions. Her current and third husband, Ed Bye, a television producer, and director, became her life partner in 1988. Together, they share the joy of raising three children: Max (born 1988), Madeleine (born 1990), and Marina (born 1993). Presently, the couple embraces a harmonious and contented life together, united by their enduring bond. Wax's orientation is straight, and she finds happiness in her marriage.

Ruby Wax and her third husband, Ed Bye

Prior to her marriage with Ed Bye, Wax embarked on two previous marital chapters. Her first marriage was to Andrew Porter in 1976, a union that concluded in divorce in 1980. Subsequently, she entered into her second marriage with Trevor Walton in 1981, which eventually came to an end as well. Through the chapters of her life, Wax's journey has been marked by evolving relationships and partnerships.

Ruby Wax Hair, Height, and Weight

Height 5 feet 2 inches or 1.57 m
Weight 55 Kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Type Average

Ruby Wax is a beautiful actress and comedian. She possesses a captivating beauty, standing at an elegant height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m) and maintaining a balanced weight of 55 kg. With her alluring dark brown eyes and blonde hair, she exudes a charismatic charm that draws people in. She boasts an average body type and a healthy physique. Her radiant smile and glowing countenance further enhance her appeal. Unfortunately, in 2019, Wax experienced a setback when she fell off a horse during a holiday, sustaining a severe back injury that led to the cancellation of her show "How to Be Human" at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.